Young Drivers – tips to reduce your premium

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Insurance companies in Ireland have always charged higher premiums for younger drivers, primarily due to the lack of experience on the roads and the statistics that show that accident rates among younger drivers are higher. The condition of the car is often a factor in determining the rate.

This is just a simple checklist to consider before you even buy a car that you may want to insure:

1. Insurance companies do not favour very old cars, yes, the value may be low, but the risk of accident or breakdown is high. Do your research with the insurance companies about what is acceptable.

2. The model of car that you choose can be a factor. Some models of car are associated with speed and young driver accidents. The insurance companies will have the stats. Arguing that you will be a safe driver will not alter the facts – policies are priced on fact.

3. Avoid penalty points – Acquiring points through carelessness, speed, stupidity will cost you more as a young person and you will have difficulty getting insurance. Never use a mobile when driving for texting, maps, music or speaking. Switch your phone off. Adhere to the speed limits. Display your discs. Check your tyres – Good driving habits, learned early will serve you well all your life.

4. Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers when they allow the driving to be monitored – this has proved popular.

5. Understand how the no-claims system works – when you can start to accrie it and what status on the policy you need to be.

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