Types Of Farm Insurance

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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance protects you in the event that a person trespassing on your land gets injured. This would also be relevant if trees from your land fall onto roads causing damage to road users

Employer's Liability Insurance

Employers liability Insurance offers protection against liabilities in the event of injury, illness, or death of the employee.

Care should be taken to ensure adequate insurance is in place to cover full-time, part-time and casual wages. Insurance premiums are usually linked to the declared amount of wages. In consequence, the amount of pay out in the event of a claim could be reduced, if wages were under-declared.

Tractor Cover

Tractor cover can be third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. For more information about these types of insurance click here

Sometimes tractor insurance will not cover equipment towed by tractors like trailers, These should be insured separately

Livestock and Produce

Livestock insurance covers against losses to animals. While these policies are usually meant for standard farm animals like horses, poultry, and cattle, they can also cover against losses to exotic and aquatic animals. These policies pay to replace livestock that dies, has to be put down, or is stolen

Produce Insurance offers you protection in the event that the produce you sell is defective

Building's and Equipment Insurance

Building’s Insurance covers you should any of your buildings be damaged by fire, storms, flooding etc. Equipment insurance is also necessary because a basic building’s Insurance won’t cover special buildings like Milking Parlors with Specific Farm equipment

Equipment insurance should also be taken out to protect you in the event of theft. Ensure you have valued all of your farm contents including diesel and Fodder

Environmental Insurance

Environmental Insurance offers protection to you from costs of arresting a source of pollution and remediating the environment after a pollution event.