Preparing for your NCT

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The NCT is a compulsory vehicle inspection programme introduced in 2000 as part of an EU Directive, which aims to improve road safety and reduce harmful vehicle emissions in Ireland. Avoiding or delaying your car’s NCT could result in penalty points and fines so don’t be tempted to put it on the long finger. We’ve put together some tips below to help prepare you and your car for the NCT.

  1. Clean your car
    On one hand this makes it easy for the inspector to inspect. It is also useful to drive a clean car with better visibility and it is easier for people to see you. For the purposes of NCT, it is important that everything is visible, including the underside of the car.
  2. Remove belongings – Especially a child seat as if this is installed, it will also be tested. As with point 1 above, clean the interior – the inspector does not want to have to deal with your personal stuff, so remove them before the test.
  3. Check seat belts
    Seat Belts form an important part of the test, as they should. Make sure all – front and back are working properly for your own sake as well. they will be tested.
  4. Top up fluids
    Most of these, brake, oil, coolant, washer fluid are easily identifiable under the bonnet – check them and top up to the right level before the test.
  5. Check your lights and indicators
    Most cars will now tell you when there is a blown bulb. Double check all lights before the test and replace if necessary. A blown bulb at the test will result in a fail – more money and more inconvenience.
  6. Inspect tyres
    The legal tread depth is 1.6mm – this is very easy to determine on your tyres – For your own safety, this should not be a guiding figure – its an indication that its time to replace your tyres.
  7. Check wipers
    Ensure you rear and front wipers are not worn and are working correctly.
  8. Check vehicle registration plates
    Simple check that they are attached correctly and that they are in the right format – NCT fails the wrong font, colour, missing details etc –
  9. Dashboard warning lights
    Dashboard warning lights are there for a reason – they will normally trigger an inspection by the NCT – there should not be any warning lights on for the test
  10. Documentation and fee
    Remember to bring your vehicle registration book, registration certificate, licensing certificate, your personal identification and a method of payment to the NCT centre. If you turn up without them, you may not be tested.
  11. Prepare in advance
    Normally we get a few weeks notice before the test – use the time to get the car ready as some times parts need to be ordered.

Please note: Completing all the steps above will not necessarily ensure your car passes the NCT as there may be an underlying issue. Many car owners get their car serviced prior to the NCT to check for faults and improve their chances at passing the test. If you are unsure if your car is due it’s NCT, click on the link below and simply enter your car registration.

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