Home Insurance Is A Smart Choise

Protect your home and contents with our home insurance. Fire, flooding, theft, the list goes on. Ensure you have your home and valuables insured for peace of mind

Types of Home Insurance

Building's Insurance

This policy covers the structure of your house as well as any permanent fixtures and fittings

This usually extends to outdoor buildings as well e.g. garages, sheds and greenhouses, but not fences, walls and gates.

Buildings cover is often a basic requirement asked for by mortgage lenders.

Non Standard Construction

In this modern world, more contemporary homes are being build. Each home comes with it’s own identity however in some instances, homes may be more susceptible to fire or external damage. This type of insurance takes into account the uniqueness and individuality of your home.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance covers you against the theft or accidental damage of the contents of your home. When taking out this policy, it is best to ensure that you have accounted for everything you own so as not to under insure your possessions. Contents insurance can also have a value limit. Buildings insurance and contents insurance often come hand in hand. For more information get a quote now.

Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday homes aren’t usually covered in the same way as normal homes because they are left unoccupied for long periods of time. This leads to an added risk of burglary that must be accounted for. If insuring a holiday home, ensure that you specify that it is a holiday home and not your main house.

High Value Home Insurance

This can be split into both buildings and contents insurance.  High value contents include works of fine art, antiques and jewellery. It necessary if your home contents exceed the value limit.

Tenants Insurance

If you’re renting your home, you won’t need buildings cover. You can instead focus entirely on protecting your contents. Tenants insurance protects the contents of your home against theft or damage and is often required when taking out a lease.

Things to think about when choosing your Home Insurance

Value of your home

How much are your home and contents worth? Consider any items you own of exceptional value. Take everything into account so as not to undervalue your home.

Location of your Home

Is your area susceptible to flooding? Is there an increased level of crime in your area. Ensure your home and contents are fully insured against the risks that come with your home location

Value of expensive items

Have items of exceptional value? When taking out home insurance, ensure that any items of exceptional value you own are made known to your insurer.

Value of liability coverage

The personal liability portion of your homeowners insurance policy covers you against lawsuits for injury or property damage that you or your family members cause to other people. It also pays for damage caused by your pets.

More Information On Flood Insurance

When insuring your home, susceptibility to flooding is one of the most important things to consider. In some areas, policies will not cover flooding due to the frequency of it. There are different policies that protect against flooding to varying extents.

High Risk Zone

In zones when flooding is common during the year, this should be made known to the insurer. The premium will be higher however it is better to have a higher premium and be fully insured against any potential damage. If you live in a high risk zone, ensure that your policy covers flooding

Low to moderate risk zone

In low to moderate risk zones, the cost for protection against flooding will be lower. You probably won’t need to take out any additional cover against flooding.

What does flood insurance cover?

Property Damage

  • Dampness
  • Structural decay

Content Damage

  • Damage or destruction of your personal possession due to flood water

Discounts For Home Insurance

Discounts on home insurnace policies can be offered if any of the following apply. For more information visit our inquiry centre

  • You have made no claims ever or in the past 3 years
  • There are residents over the age of 50 in the house
  •  The residents are non smokers
  • The house is rarely empty with a resident at home most of the time.
  • The house is fitted with an alarm (you may get an extra discount if it is monitored).
  • There are working smoke detectors installed around the house
  • Security locks are fitted on doors and windows.
  • You are taking out this policy with an insurance company that you have another policy with.
  • You live in a neighborhood watch area
  • The person applying is over 40 or sometimes 50.
  • The house was built more than 10 years ago