Ensuring that you are covered and that you understand the cover that you have is important to us at Gleeson Insurance

Get the Right Coverage

Whether you need fully comprehensive insurance or third party, fire and theft is very much your decision. The most important thing is that you understand what all your options are before you make your decision to purchase insurance. While price is a major concern always, ensure that you have the best cover for you.

Some points to consider when choosing insurance:

  • Age and value of your car
  • Where you will do most of your driving
  • Your level of driving experience
  • Your attitude towards risk
  • Where the car will be kept at night
  • Your driving history

Types of motor insurance

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance helps cover the costs of the other driver’s property and bodily injuries if you’re found at fault in an accident. It will not cover you for any injuries sustained or damage caused to your vehicle. It is the minimum type of motor insurance required


Collision insurance is a coverage that helps pay to repair or replace your car if it’s damaged in an accident. If you’re leasing or financing your car, collision coverage is typically required by the lender.

Third Party Fire & Theft

Third Party Fire & Theft insurance covers you for any damage caused to a third party or their vehicle if you are a fault in a collision. It also covers your car if it is damaged by fire or stolen

Personal Accident

Personal Accident cover on car insurance can provide compensation for death or serious injury suffered by the driver as a result of a motor accident they are responsible for. It is not included in all motor insurance policies.


Comprehensive car insurance covers you for accidental damage caused by you to your vehicle or a third party. It covers both your medical expenses and those of a third party. It can also cover expenses arising from legal action brought against you following a road accident. Damage by fire, theft, vandalism, windscreen repair or replacement cover, and car stereo theft are also covered

Own a bike?

Most car insurance policies cover suffering caused by accidents involving a car and a bicyclist. This is true for the insurance policy of the vehicle that hit the bicyclist, and in many instances it also applies to the bicycle rider’s own car insurance. Make sure your policy covers you in the event of such an unfortunate occurrence

No Claims Discount

The No Claims Discount (NCD), or No Claims Bonus (NCB), is a common feature in car insurance. Simply put, it encourages safer driving behaviour. It’s a discount that car insurance customers receive if they haven’t made a claim for a set period of time – starting from 1 year.

Insurers like to reward customers for proving that they’re less of a risk, and the NCD is one way to reward conscientious and safe driving behaviour.

Some points below may help reduce your insurance costs

  • Save if you Insure more than one car.
  • Save if you have a secure place to keep your car at night.
  • Are you good driver? Your safe driving can also help you.